While strolling through the Web one day…

… I saw this at a message board:

Just got back from San Diego. Downtown homeless situation is arguably worse than Union Square SF. Saw a couple homeless dudes eating out of a garbage can in front of a Gaslamp restaurant. The Horton Plaza shopping mall reeked of piss with panhandlers on the sidewalk. Homeless in the fucking Starbucks, laid out in front of Ralphs, etc. Didn’t see a cop anywhere. Yet there’s million dollar condos going up all over the place. Does nobody give a shit about cleaning this up?

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Taxes are a necessity however…

Another rant that I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, left at a comment section following a news story about taxes. Unlike some of the monolithic corporate-owned media Web sites the place I left my comment has not banned me form commenting. Yay!!!

And here is my ranting:

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Disgruntled I am… Damn

Below is a post I left at an MGTOW  (Men Going Their Own Way) message board.


If the guy purposefully left the kid in the hot car to die… destroy him.

But, how do you prove it. I do not know the circumstances BUT… it is often the females involved with these events and I do not recall any female being reported about in the manner this event occurred.

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Damn, I AM Disgruntled

Disgruntled I am and maybe rightly so. However, I AM grateful that the USA is generally a benevolent regime that even though it does use murder to control the masses of common folks at least it does so in relatively few numbers.

That Stalin scum used his lackeys to murder many millions of common folks. Our ruling masters mostly control their hired lackeys filling the many positions within an enormous number of systems and the bureaucracies within. Mostly.

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