Long-gone site remembered


Back in the 1990s a mob of humans screamed their outrage at the mention of eating a dog. Well, with so many people foregoing logic and rational thinking and living most of their life based upon emotions that outrage should not be surprising.

If famine ever strikes the USA and the grumblings filling the gut lead to actual pain I wonder how many of those beloved mutts and other pets will be grilled and eaten with gusto? Well, that is an unlikely event for the foreseeable future but I still grin with mirth at the massive outcry against BESNA:

Brother Ellis Society of North America

After a few short years BESNA disappeared from the Web but somebody somewhere retrieved part of that site and displayed it at the Internet Archive site.  The location of the BESNA archived site here.

I fear that the archived site could be lost so for historical reasons (hysterical, to some) the BESNA site is duplicated below but not in the original format, display manner and lacking the graphics used. Also, the entire original  BESNA site was not archived but enough was to convey the gist of that which was BESNA.

None of the original pictures were saved, thus some picture titles are hanging with no picture to actually describe.

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Taxes are a necessity however…


Another rant that I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, left at a comment section following a news story about taxes. Unlike some of the monolithic corporate-owned media Web sites the place I left my comment has not banned me form commenting. Yay!!!


And here is my ranting:


It is a crime against We, the People to have any tax system that is inequitable or so hard to comprehend that even extensively-trained folks who make that tax system their life’s work can not understand all the ramifications. Back in the 1980s Consumer Reports (CR) hired ten different types of tax experts including an entire large firm that put its amassed mind-power to work on the needed information to prepare a federal form CR provided. Every result differed and the differences were great at the extremes. I forget the actual figures but that proved to me that the tax system is unAmerican and a crime against We, the People.

It continues, I fear, because the current taxing systems allow politicians to control society and the multitude of jobs created to assist in meeting those tax laws are beneficial to folks in the upper ranks of the social-economic hierarchy. Again, yet another method of wealth transference from the masses of common folks to those deemed deserving by our exalted master ruling class and their politician and bureaucrat lackeys.

And the scam continues and the masses are inundated with indoctrination that as things are is how they are supposed to be. Love it or leave it.


And the scam continues, the class war abides and the relentless propaganda keeps a huge mass of common folks accepting of the systems, entities and people who are spitting upon those masses.

A day of reckoning will hopefully arrive in the future. Maybe the enemies of the common folks will capitulate and allow a more equitable USA to emerge from the ashes of a class war that is allowed to die.



Disgruntled I am… Damn


Below is a post I left at an MGTOW  (Men Going Their Own Way) message board.


If the guy purposefully left the kid in the hot car to die… destroy him.

But, how do you prove it. I do not know the circumstances BUT… it is often the females involved with these events and I do not recall any female being reported about in the manner this event occurred.

Is it the social bias against males that makes a male more likely to be considered evil? Is the oft-mentioned “pussy pass” an actual reality? If so, where are the equality-demanding feminists who should be screaming their outrage that females are given preferential treatment in regards to the negative aspects of life

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Damn, I AM Disgruntled


Disgruntled I am and maybe rightly so. However, I AM grateful that the USA is generally a benevolent regime that even though it does use murder to control the masses of common folks at least it does so in relatively few numbers.

That Stalin scum used his lackeys to murder many millions of common folks. Our ruling masters mostly control their hired lackeys filling the many positions within an enormous number of systems and the bureaucracies within. Mostly.

Once in awhile the lackeys are turned loose to commit mayhem and send a message to the masses that to defy “the system” can be fatal. USA history, distant and recent, gives ample examples that the entrenched systems making the elites and their systems so powerful and profitable to those elites will murder even innocent babies to strike fear into the common folks.

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Sand Callahan the unknown story


Human history is a continuous story of conflict. Personal, tribal and, as human numbers increased that conflict grew in size to the national level with multi-millions of people endeavoring to defeat the other human alliance.

I am not here to condemn human events of the past. Well, some were so barbaric that I would spit upon those truly evil vermin but I generally shun writing about that patently evil stuff though I will mention it in passing if needed to make sense of other things I write about.

This post is to make aware that a grave is located in far western Kansas in a place known as Fort Wallace Cemetery.

I learned about the one-time existence of Sand Callahan while browsing the Find-a-grave Web site to learn about the scout William Averill “Medicine Bill” Comstock.  Virtually “walking” through the Fort Wallace cemetery I saw what is the spot where Sand Callahan is buried or, at least where he is memorialized. It is possible Sand was reburied in the national cemetery at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Some people consider the lifeless body of the departed to be of minor to significant importance. To each his own. My view is that it is the memories left behind that are critical. I do not give a damn about a pile of dead cells that once held a living, thinking person. Do whatever is handy when my life ends… just get the body somewhere so folks don’t have to smell the stinky thing as it rots into its component parts that make great fertilizer for plants.

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